by The F.S.O.

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released December 21, 2016


José Jorge Benitez - organ, piano, harmonium, dulcimer, synthesizer & percussion.

Angel Carrasquillo - bass, tape loops & percussion.

Ian Vidal - drums, percussion, guitars, organ, synthesizer & tape loops

Daniel Sierra - drums on Wholetone Hindustani Om & percussion on Frigg's Day.

Recorded & Produced at Casa Fantasmes by Mario Negrón Gonzalez & Daniel Sierra.

Mastered at Little Big Audio by Nicolas Linares.

Art by Wunderkind Und Sauerkraut.



all rights reserved


The F.S.O. Puerto Rico

A kosmische-tinged psychedelic rock band from Puerto Rico.

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Track Name: Frigg's Day
Kosmische Madness: An interview with The F.S.O., Germany's newest Cosmic Sound Explorers.

The Far Seeing Oracle (And Her Many Gifted Children)

Wulfgang "Der Mystik": Guitars, Chants, Master of Ceremonies.
Dieter Goehring: Bass Guitar, Loops, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar.
Heinrich Edinger: Organ, Piano, Apalachian Dulcimer, Flute.
Klaus Schmidt: Bongos, Marraccas, Tambora, "Spirit Drum", Electronischen Synthesizer Machine.

* * * EXCERPT BEGINS * * *

-What about Das Frigg?-

H.E.: "The story behind Das Frigg is very strange you know? It was very very strange. We had taken a journey to the Temple of Apluculips, in South America in search of the forbidden rhythms of the Sol'a Menti tribe. When we got to the top of the temple where the shrine was, we found the rhythms etched all over the walls, so Klaus and Hans started playing them; that's what you hear on the record, I recorded that part onto a 2 track tape machine we had brought with us, then the rest of it was overdubbed onto it when we returned to Koln, including Klaus' synthesizer sections.
K.S.: It was all very mystical... But of course, that was the time of Hans' passing. The Oracle (the band's mysterious 5th member) had told us that it was I who would die at the Temple of Apluculips, because of my desecration of the Sol'a Menti ghost drum (A very "Shitty" drum he found near the temple) , frankly I don't know what she was talking about...

-So Hans died at the temple?-

K.S.: I wouldn't say he died, more, he was taken from us. What happened was, we were about 6 hours into our transcription of the sacred rhythms when suddenly the entire room went to darkness. Imagine if you were playing on the firmament of space, but there were no stars. It was that. We were in such a trance state that we kept playing, but it was frightening because it was just as in the vision the oracle had showed us. It was then that I felt an eternity pass, as if some great being was judging us both... And then I saw Hans transcend into the next plane... I believe you can hear it on the record, it is that sweet tone at the end of the song, when the drums stop, it's very beautiful.

-You mean the ending of the band section, right?-

K.S.: Yes, yes, the end of the song, when the band stops playing. That's the end of the record.

-I thought the record ended with an ambient piece-

K.S.: Oh right, that's another strange occurrence with the album; We never actually recorded that final section, it was just there when we played back the tape at our studio in Germany.
H.E.: Very strange...

* * * EXCERPT ENDS * * *